Chainsaw Competitions
British Chainsaw Championship
    This annual chainsaw competition is open to all chainsaw operators in the UK. The aim of the competition is to promote the accurate, safe use of a chainsaw. This is done through a series of five scoring events:

  1. Tree felling
  2. Bar and chain changing
  3. Combination bucking
  4. Precision bucking
  5. Limbing

Prizes for the British Championship 2005

The results of this competition are used to select the team for the World Loggers' Competition which is held every two years in different countries. Competitors' ages range from 18 to 80 with all levels of experience represented from newly qualifies chainsaw operators to highly experienced loggers.

Limbing event Felling event
The Royal Welsh Tree Felling Competition

This event is organised by the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society and is open to all chainsaw operators who live and work in Wales. Events are similar to those above but require a greater degree of strength and stamina.

Prize giving for the Royal Welsh Champtionship 2002

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