These courses are available for candidates who already hold a valid chainsaw qualification, but who wish to refresh their skills. Some companies require their employees to update their skills after a length of time. HSE recommend a refresher course every 3 years for occasional users and 5 years for regular users.

Successful completion of a refresher course leads to a certificate of attendance.

    Chainsaw Maintenance and Cross-Cutting (1 day) CLMC42R

    Maintenance, Cross-Cutting & Felling Small Trees up to 380mm (15") Diameter (3 days) CLMC44R

    Felling Small Trees up to 380mm (15") Diameter (2 days) CLMC43R

    Felling trees over 380mm (15") Diameter (1 day) CLMC52R

    Dealing with Individual and MultipleWindblown Trees (1 day) CLMC53R

    Any combination of the above


For more info contact Phil or Karen on:

Phone:   01490 460 611
Mobile:  0789 149 4341

Bookings are currently being taken for:
Local Accommodation

I will travel anywhere in the UK to deliver courses for 4 candidates. Travel expenses are 50p per mile.

Full equipment hire is available (everything from PPE to chainsaws and sharpening tools).

For more information please call Phil or Karen on 01490 460 611 or email