'A true professional who really knows his stuff!' ....Gareth Morgan, Royal Navy Officer

'A thoroughly enjoyable course' ... Russ Vaughan, British International Rescue Dogs

'Just thought I would drop you guys a line , thanks Karen for sorting out all the relevant paperwork and co--ordination it was invaluable. Thanks Phil for the very comprehensive training during the course , you have a natural abillity for transfering the relevent informationin a very controlled and relaxed way'

Phil / Karen I just wanted to say thank you for one of the hardest weeks i have done for many years but also one of the most enjoyable. Phil you are an excellent teacher with great interpersonal communication skills. I did pass, i have no idea how the others got on? See you both in October for my next intensive fitness week Wayne August 2012

Please feel free to use this letter on your web site, your method of training made a very dangerous  and serious situation easier to deal with.  I personally would have no problem in recommending you for training, you helped me to achieve my potential, thankyou Phil!' ... Andy Farnell, Estates Manager

The course was very well run and we would highly recommend Phil as an instructor to anyone.Being a woman and very small and with no knowledge on how to use or maintain a chainsaw, Phil teaches you very well with his nice steady pace, his patience and not forgetting his great scene of humour.  This course is not just for men or professionals it is for anyone who intends to use a chainsaw and is a must, as a chainsaw is a very very dangerous piece of equipment.If I can do it at 46 years and being very small built woman, anyone can do it with the instruction from Phil, “Brilliant 10 out of 10”!!'.... Louise Powers

Louise Powers felling her first tree!

Hi Phil & Karen,
Just a quick note to say thank you for organising a brilliant course. I was very apprehensive about doing this course as I haven't used a chainsaw. It was Phil's teaching technique that built my confidence and helped me pass on Saturday All I can say is a big Thank You Hope to see you at one of the shows.
Mark, Wigan, July 2011

Very nice to meet you last week. Many thanks for sorting all the arrangements for the course and assessment.
Please also pass my thanks on to Phil. His knowledge and enthusiasm, combined with his ability to get the facts across, made it a very informative, enjoyable and successful (if tiring!) week. I felt well-prepared for the assessment after Phil’s instruction, demonstrations and guidance - and the end results proved this to be the case.
Thanks again,
kind regards,

Hello Phil
Thank you once again for presenting an excellent course last week and providing everything from tea and biscuits to a solid grounding in using and felling with a chainsaw, giving me positive confidence in its use, safety and maintenance. I’ll hopefully be using the developed skills again in the not too distant future and will definitely look you up for any future training requirements. I also won’t hesitate to recommend you to others, even though you’re a little off the beaten path, it was well worth the journey.
Please also pass on thank you’s to Karen for her behind the scenes work at ‘team Dunford’, and to Tony for his down to earth patient assessing on what must have been quite a stressful day for him.
We were all winners on the day and a good experience had all round.

Best Regards

Hi Karen,
Just wanted to say Thank You to you and Phil for the excellent teaching I had at the start of the week. I learnt such a lot in a short time and having got Baz (husband) to start my saw for me I've cut a load of logs this afternoon.
I have changed my sharpening gauge at J.T. Williams and bought a stump vice and told them what a brilliant set up you have for training people at Tyn Y Graig, as it was them who recommended you to me in the first place, so hopefully they will continue to do so.
If someone had told me that I would find watching 10 minute videos of people snedding (badly I might add) on You Tube fascinating I would not have believed them but I have seem to have caught some strange chainsaw bug while I was being trained and I have watched a few chainsaw videos this week, quite sad really!
If it's not too much trouble could you wish my fellow foresters, Ian,Brian,Andy and Tony Good Luck for their assessments tomorrow, I will be thinking of them they were so kind and supportive to the special needs one in the group and to say thank you again to Phil for his brilliant tuition, he is a fantastic teacher.Thank you also for lending me your daughters safety pants and boots which I realise I should have paid you for when I went on your website for the first time this week. I will never forget my two days tuition with you,

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