Equipment Needed for Courses
    Rear handled, max bar length 15" (37cm), must have the following safety features:

  1. Combined chain break and front handle guard
  2. Clearly marked 'off' switch
  3. Chain with low kick back characteristics
  4. Anti vibration mounts
  5. Rear hand guard
  6. Exhaust directed away form the operator
  7. Chain catcher
  8. Safety (dead handle) throttle trigger
  9. Ear defender sticker
  10. Guide bar cover
Personal Protective Equipment
    European standards for chainsaw PPE are published as part of EN 381 Protective clothing for users of hand-held chainsaws. While no PPE can provide 100% protection against cuts from chainsaws, the following should be used:

  1. Safety helmet (must not be older than manufacturer's replacement instructions)
  2. Eye protection
  3. Hearing protection
  4. Leg protection (incorporating chain-clogging materials)
  5. Protective boots with good grip and protective guarding at front vamp and instep

All PPE items should carry the CE chainsaw logo

Additional Equipment
  1. Fuel/oil mixture and chain oil - in approved container
  2. Personal first aid kit
  3. Non-snag outer clothing
  4. Operator manual for chainsaw
  5. Basic maintenance tools (ie spanner, round files, flat file, file guide, feeler gauge, bar groove cleaner etc)

Please note - chainsaws, PPE and equipment provided by participants must be of an acceptable standard and in good condition. Where possible, participants providing substandard or broken equipment will be issued with appropriate replacement items for which a charge will be made in addition to course fees.


For more info contact Phil or Karen on:

Phone:   01490 460 611
Mobile:  0789 149 4341

Bookings are currently being taken for:
Local Accommodation

I will travel anywhere in the UK to deliver courses for 4 candidates. Travel expenses are 50p per mile.

Full equipment hire is available (everything from PPE to chainsaws and sharpening tools).

For more information please call Phil or Karen on 01490 460 611 or email